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Ed (Edward) Mirza is half Pakistani, half English, and born in Oxford, England.  He trained privately in London in Operatic singing alongside studying Fine Art (trained in classical drawing and painting).

He has a range of interests musically, with a special interest in High Romantic Opera and Romantic Art Songs.  All this musical material may be seen to have diverse cultural origins, if it is traced back.  However along with his diverse interest in music, Ed creates his own compositions.

Edward Mirza's painting, focusing in the first place on traditional linear figurative draughtsmanship and then painting, also touches on social themes as brought out in his first novel, and in his educational supplement.

Edward Mirza has range of interests in art and literature, including, Sufi-ism, literature, Zen, and artistic practises from music, to dancing.

Edward Mirza is also interested in social outreach, and has written his first novel 'The Postmoden Novel' and a book designed to help people with their education at any time in their lives: 'Primer to the Greats'.  Edward Mirza thinks this can be an integral part of creating an equality between people in which money takes on less importance (in terms of identity).

To book Ed (Edward Mirza), for a gig, please contact us via the online form. Edward Mirza can also be booked for live drawing events and portraiture from life.

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